A girl or guy who gets into relationships all the time, but when they break up all they do is talk about that ex, they talk about that person all the time.They claim they don't miss them, but they constantly talk about them
Girl1: I can't believe he broke up with me. We are never ever getting back together.
Girl2: You are such A Taylor Swift.
by MissKnowitAll3115 August 06, 2016
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Taylor Swift is an American songwriter/ pop star. Taylor Swift has two cats, Meredith and Olivia. Her favorite colors are purple and white. Taylor was born on December 13, 1989. Her lucky number is 13. Taylor is an inspirational person and has won lots of awards. Her music is catchy and easy to be addicted to.
People should enlighten themselves in some Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s newest album is Lover.
by I like avocados November 02, 2019
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the artist of decade. gorgeous. talented. funny. intelligent. turning your daughters gay.
by the party don’t start October 22, 2020
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A 22-year-old woman who, despite all of the critics and haters bashing her apparently for not singing 'well' live (though that argument is invalid-- if only you would give yourself a chance to take an actual listen to her singing live, you would find out she sings better than most of the artists you praise so much today for having such high vocal range. This just proves that a good singer is not defined as having an immensely high vocal range or hits notes perfectly all the time, but sings with heart and soul and uses her own style of singing) has made it to the top of the charts and has been relentlessly winning slews of awards. Has songs for almost everything and every one-- contrary to popular belief, not all of her songs are about boys and love. If you've never heard of the songs 'Long Live', 'Change', 'Never Grow Up', or 'The Best Day', you're a goner. Survives in the music industry for her undeniably great songwriting skills and the capability to work through any instrument to express her feelings. Manages herself, co-produces her albums and plans her own world tours. Taking things one step at a time, yet dominating the entire world.
Taylor Swift does not need an example because she, herself is already a perfect example.
by longliveswift13 April 21, 2012
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