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When understanding a lesson but later don't understand but then quickly understand in a comedic way
Friend: Oh i get it now :D

*doing homework: Huh? What!? This doesn't make sense!!!
5mins later: OH THAT! GODDAMMIT i just did a Ruben
by Chibbyjonny November 17, 2011
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"A Ruben" in Australia is a slang word for having a day off work "sick day", when you're not really sick

The word "Ruben" was named after NRL Legend Ruben Wiki, a legendary rugby league player from the 90's to 2000's"
His surname "Wiki" rhymed with the word 'Sickie", which is Australian slang for sick day or day off
I'm having a Ruben tomorrow
by robbiemei October 06, 2019
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