That stage of getting in shape where you can see 4 of your abs, but not 6, so no six-pack. Redbull comes in a four-pack; hence, four abs is a Redbull.
Jane: Dick, have you been working out? I think I can see four of your abs!

Dick: Yep, got me a Redbull!

Jane: But no six-pack...
by Vladmun November 24, 2013
crack in a can. THis stuff really does give you wings. Don't drink it with alchohol...unless your ready for a acidic high...IT's Good Shit
I took a sip of red bull and before i knew it i was streaking on the lawn with cinderblocks on my feet.
by CRACKPOT January 24, 2005
a quick session of sex with a friend for a drink.
i need a 'redbull'
by feartheangel April 19, 2011
addictive drink that can be sculled in less than 2 minutes (:
which is quite kool, if you ask me (:
hell yum. not to be drunk by people under the influence of alcohol, weed, or who already have a natural high.
"whoa, dude, the redbull was, like, in the can, and now, it like, gooonneee!"
by hanii_yo September 1, 2008
a Facebook code "I`m a woman in a relationship"

see Whisky
on facebook:
Sarah: RedBull!
Jane: what does that mean?
Sarah: I'll explain later.
Richard: can you explain to me too?
Sarah: no, its an inside Girl thing.
by jojoplay December 11, 2010
Over priced drink that taste like monkey piss and is supposed to give you more energy, but has no effect at all.
What a waste of money that Redbull was! bloody hell, it's left a mingin taste, and why don't I feel energised.
by d. lucas April 29, 2005