Person, that (freshly) got shot down; derived from the denim brand "Red Monkey", that's currently popular amongst the rap community...
"...leavin' eight niggas bloody, when I'm call 'em red monkey..." (extract of 40 Cal.'s part of "Gettin Money" from The Diplomats feat. J.R. Writer & 40 Cal.)
by MiamiBizzle July 25, 2006
Typically described as sneakers of the Bathing Apes brand and is known for being real fresh.
"... nigga this how we do, red monkeys bathin apes someone call the damn zoo!" - Chip tha Ripper
by MilkMan420 August 17, 2011
An evil world dominating monkey that lives at
"The little red monkey told me he would spare me if I helped him take over the world"
by kitta April 14, 2004
A swollen, throbbing erection seeking release.
"I unleashed the red-turbaned monkey and she begged me for more!"
by Remy11 April 14, 2006
primeval sex, rough,passionate sex with whoops and hollering and groans and sweat
We made red hot monkey love all night in the back of the van.
by luv January 30, 2005
sex so intense that you'll keep going and going and leaving you hot sticky and sweaty and out of breath
"Edward and i had red hot monkey sex ALL night last night"
by sdtthshs January 4, 2009
Having a severe case of monkey butt. Can be caused by chaffing of the butt cheeks, diarrhea, eating too many buffalo wings, hemorrhoids,or anything else that can irritate the rump.
Dude, after drinking a bottle of hot sauce, eating two cans of habaneros, and using 80 grit sandpaper to as t.p., I have a severe case of red hot monkey any Tucks?
by Jeff Nordberg August 11, 2007