Broski #1: Yo dawg see them folks with that rainbow flag.

Broski #2: Ya what about'em?

Broski #1: I read somewhere they're called "A Pride."

Broski #2: No!

Broski #1: True story mang.
by BleachTheNoir January 8, 2015
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Something you feel before falling flat on your face
From hitter to Rhonda rousey. All had great pride before meeting their fate
by Acostabesr January 19, 2016
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A sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect.
I have my pride and will not sink to your standards
by Catgirl Lover October 26, 2003
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(v.) To engage in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Pride Fedstival-related activities, usually in the summer time.
We'll be priding this weekend. How about you?
by Neologian-PJG June 22, 2012
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Is a good thing to have,
But don't overdose on it. Pride can lead to the worst choice in your life. To never take the chance to reconcile a friendship that should have meant the world to keep.
by ILUJCND April 16, 2010
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A gathering of poets for the purpose of exchanging ideas and styles
A pride of poets met at the coffee house.
by Smaug71 January 19, 2015
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full of pride. not to be confused with proud. prideful is negative. whereas proud can be a good thing. prideful is in fact a real word and its first known use is from the 15th century. Although in the 15th century it was synonymous to noble. the meaning has evolved. In what ever way people chose to use this word, the fact remains that it is as word.
Prideful people assume they know what words do not exist in the English language without first checking any sources.
by fivefacegemini April 27, 2012
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