An all around cool guy/gal. One of those people that everybody loves, adores, cherishes. Everyone wants to hang out with a kid's kid. Do not be mistaken, we are not talking about a kids physical kid. Term discovered and created in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 2012.
Yeah, Jimmy D is such a kid's kid
by INrepresent October 06, 2011
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A child born in the 2000s who is into 90s things like a 90s kid. They're a rare breed of blockbuster loving, Tamagotchi crazy children. Also unlike normal kids, they don't listen to trashy rap music by retarded rappers.
Kid: Hey! Do you want to listen to dumbass rap music with me?
90s kid kid: F*** you and f*** your rappers, I'm listening to the spice girls and backstreet boys.
by wutdouwant February 07, 2019
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Kids For Kids is a nice place to trade your kids for.. BETTER KIDS!
Customer - "I will trade two white boys for that asian boy."
Customer 2 - "Make it 3 white boys and then we have a deal."
Thats Kids For Kids In A Nutshell
by reeetastic July 16, 2018
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Scary Kids Scaring Kids is a post-hardcore band from Gilbert, Arizona. Their debut album, The City Sleeps In Flames, was released by Immortal Records in 2005.

: : Tyson - Vocals, Bass
: : Chad - Guitar, Backing Vocals
: : Steve - Guitar
: : DJ - Guitar
: : Pouyan - Keyboard
: : Peter - Drums



* The City Sleeps In Flames (2005)


* After Dark (2005)


* Music on the Brain Vol. 2
* Punk The Clock Vol. 2
* Masters Of Horror
* Punk Goes 90s 2006


EP: After Dark (2004)

1. What's Up Now
2. Bulletproof
3. Locked In
4. Sink And Die
5. Changing Priorities
6. My Knife, Your Throat

The City Sleeps In Flames (2005)

1. The City Sleeps In Flames
2. The Only Medicine
3. The World As We Know It
4. What's Said Is Done
5. Just A Taste
6. My Darkest Hour
7. Drowning You In Fear
8. The Bright Side Of Suffering
9. Empty Glasses
10. Faith In The Knife
11. A Breath Of Sunshine


Often Called "SKSK" or Scary Kids are from Gilbert, AZ where the music industry wasn't very big, Until Scary Kids Scaring Kids hit the scene. Band members recorded their first EP (After Dark) when they were seniors in high school. None of them even thought that the band would have a future. Their early shows were of chaos and destruction; once they even almost set a local rock club on fire. After being discouraged band members registered at their local universities. Not even this could stop this band. With help from, their popularity grew and calls started pouring in. Immortal Records finally won out, rereleasing After Dark in 2004 and signing on for The City Sleeps In Flames. Traveling to Salad Days Studio in Maryland, the band recorded for five weeks with renowned underground producer Brian Mcternan producer of such bands as Cave In, Snapcase, and Thrice. The songs on The City Sleeps in Flames indulge in a careless spirit, post-hardcore’s lacerating dynamics, and the moody atmospherics of heavy guitar rock bands. Having their own sound and ideas, this band is a great asset to the rock industry.
Jon: Hey dude know any good bands?
Jarrett: Well have you heard of Scary Kids Scaring Kids?
Jon: Dude they are awesome.
by Ferret_Die June 25, 2006
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if they use jk twice. there not jking. they are telling the truth. if they use it only once, they are jk.
Person 1: Your so gay... Just Kidding, Just Kidding.
by FAT KlD March 15, 2009
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Typical douche-bags from Arizona who didn't write much of their own music and are full of themselves. They frequently wear underwear around and have ho-bag girlfriends. They broke up, thank God.

They are not scary. They are pussy faggots.
Their music sounds like every other band in Alternative Press, but they THINK they are better.

They won an award from PETA, the biggest hypocrite industry there is (and they DO eat meat). WHAT?
Rest in Peace, scags.
Scary Kids Scaring Kids emo post-hardcore douchebags SKSK scary kids
by ChewbaccasBitch January 04, 2010
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