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A word used in World of Warcraft (and other MMORPG)whereby a character makes a big commitment to a certan specification of play, then on a whim changes sed specification to be something totally different. Thus rendering his previous commitment and everything they aimed to create. Useless.

(Made when the druid character "Kaylon" in my guild often did crazy re-specifications like the above)
(Druid): Hey guys, i just re-specc'd to Restoration to help heal you guys!

(Warrior): Ah, cool

(Druid): Yeah! i just spent ALL my money on getting expensive gear for this specc


(Druid): .... i decided to go Moonkin specc again.....
.... spare some change?

(Warrior): Dude, you just pulled a Kaylon! and no, you can't have any money.
by Askaul September 11, 2007
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