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1. To ruin or undermine
2. Something so horrible, it can only be compared to 9/11
1. "MOM! You 9/11ed my sandwich!"
2. "Bongo keeps on pissing on the kids. He's totally the 9/11 of party clowns."
3. "I was having a great day, until Brandon started 9/11ing it."
by TheNoogie April 17, 2014
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When one guy has his penis erect straight up and another guy flies his dick like an airplane into the other guys dick.
Guy: We totally 9/11ed last night.
Guy: We should try 9/11ing.
by TrentonPottruff November 22, 2016
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A sexual act where the guy is laying on the bed with his penis pointing to the ceiling. Then after a random amount of time, the girl (literally) runs into the area between the legs of the guy, ferociously licking his butthole and sucking his testicles and dick until he cums.
Friend 1: "Aye man, you hooked up with Steph over the weekend?"
Friend 2: "Yeah man."
Friend 1: "Nicee how'd it go?"
Friend 2: "Surpisingly, she was 9/11-ing me all night."
by HentaiLover69420 February 02, 2017
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