Arguing with any troll for any length of time will in turn make you a troll as well.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
P1: Puppies are cute.
Troll 1: puppies are not cute, they are gross and dirty.
P2: well you're dirty and gross T1.
P1: Um P2? Rule 83...
by Korana February 4, 2009
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If this rule is applied to anything it must be permanently ignored for that point onwards.
This rule only applies to the speaker, however it is generally seen to be polite to not mention the subject in question to the speaker of the rule.
Speaker: "I call rule 83 on my ex-girlfriend!"
Man: "You can't be serious?"
Speaker: "Rule 83 is final!"
Man: "Fair enough, I can sympathise there"
by TLK1- The tall guy November 5, 2010
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