Commonly known love shack/bar/resteraunt/bnb that co insides beside a vast holiday park in Rosnowlagh that has its own private beach, legendary in its craic and fun

it attracts many a posh nordie and the local famers/bikers(the illigals-quite a nice group) and is a great safe family area

or the randomer comeing up from a beach party from murvagh via inish fad!!

looked after by diffrent managers through the years the staff remained the same for a few :)

heads up to all the staff past and present

Taken over and ran by the saimer court peeps now and hopefully still doing well . . . . . there will be a movie peeps . . . oyes there will be . . .
friend1: "wanna Manor House it up this weeked??"
friend 2: "sure dude"

Dude : "im sooo hung over! wanna breakfast?"
chick: "yeah sure,Manor House is just behind that sand dune way way over there"
by sunflowersmiles June 3, 2010
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If you go to this school, you where either forced to go there by your rich parents or you’re a lesbian that can’t get your hands of girls.
mum: you’re going to Manor House School darling, daddies got the money
child: that’s fine i’m a lesbian anyways
by Manor August 12, 2021
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