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In the law 730 meaning to be crazy
I'm feeling 730 translated means im feeling crazy
by seven thirty April 28, 2003
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Outlined in the song "Ebonics" by Big-L. "If you 730, that mean you crazy."
by Il Piu Lucroso April 3, 2006
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It comes from the motion a criminal defendant would have to file (a 730 motion; Fitness to Proceed) in order to be examined by a psychiatrist to determine if they are legally incapacitated or not and fit to proceed to trial or not.
Mo mo beat the case because he's 730...stupid.
by getdeeznutz December 12, 2010
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unstable; crazy; a form on Riker's Island for a mentally disturbed inmate.
The Deceps of the 90's were wild and all 730.
by Big Alley August 17, 2005
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This term originates from New York Criminal Procedure Section 730.30 - Fitness To Proceed; Order Of Examination. Therefore, it commonly implies that someone is crazy.
The arraignment judge is ordering a 730 report to determine whether the defendant is crazy or not.
by chcyang January 25, 2017
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that crack head is straight 730. dude that fight was 730.
by Kay-Kay Pinzon February 22, 2007
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