A time set to the practice of 'dabbing' or vaporizing pure marijuana concentrated oils known as BHO or butane honey oil. 7:10 on a digital clock upside down (old hedd pager codes) spells OIL. As opposed to 4:20 which is the act of smoking marijuana flowers, 7:10 is using an Eclipse Vape device, a oil-dome or a vapor/hash skillet to vaporize the prized oils on contact
710 on 7/10 at 7:10

i 7:10'd and forgot where i put it
by WWEntity July 11, 2011
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7:10 Is an easier term for telling someone you will pick them up in the morning before school. Most commonly communicated with a text message.
This term is especially useful when your parents won't allow you to pick up your friend, but yet you do it anyway.
It is used with a friend who you regularly give rides to, to school.
It is a common phrase in the suburban Cincinnati area, and is catching on in other cities.
Amber: hey, 7:10?
Jessie: 7:10!
by AmBZ/StiLTZ February 25, 2010
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A rate you give people you; don't really know, don't give a shit about, only see their snaps of hand over 75% over their face
Jessica :Rate me
You: 7/10
* Jessica is not that hot but makes it up in personality I guess, but nobody care about her in the nicest way possible
by Tealcatcat March 26, 2018
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1, A shot in bowling where the only pins left are the 7 and 10, which are on each side of the lane.
2, An extremily wide punani, so called because of the imposible-to-hit shot in bowling
3, When the space at the top of a woman's legs is very far apart, usually indicating definition 2.
1, Oh, dang. How am I supposed to get a spare now? It's a 7-10 split!
2, Charmaine's been fucked so many times that she's got a 7-10 split!
3, Tiffani's too much of a sket. Look at her legs! For christ sakes shes got a 7-10 split!
by Kilo Lobo June 15, 2003
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Bob: Man what happened to you?

Jim: I tried to get that girls number and she gave me a 7-10 split
by MistahTom September 13, 2005
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Describing a sex act in which the (female) bottom is overly lubricated such that her chest is like a bowling lane, and the top then straddles her and slides up crashing between her boobs.

If the bottom happens to be a trans woman that still has a penis, and it ends up erect, that's known as leaving the headpin standing.
The lube spilled when trying to caress her breasts, so I instead went for the 7-10 split.

She loved it so much, it left the headpin standing.
by Purple Trash June 24, 2019
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A sexual act derived from the bowling term that describes the event that a player misses only the back corner pins on his first roll of a frame.

While fingering a girl after doggy style (using two fingers), insert your thumb into her anus which is similar to the way you would grab a bowling ball with finger holes. Then proceed to "roll her" into the headboard/wall.

The name comes from the fact that it is almost impossible to get a spare after a 7-10 split, and it will likely be impossible for you to have any future relations with this girl if you pull it off.
Guy1: I wanna break up her with but I hate the damn break up talk.

Guy 2: Dude, just give her the 7-10 split, she'll never call you again.
by MojoRisin4747 December 02, 2009
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