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The "7 Year Itch" comes from a 50's movie. There is a natural tendency to get bored with your romantic / sexual partner after awhile (7 years).
That dude's got the 7 year itch, he's screwing everyone but his wife.
by Ordinary Man 2 March 08, 2016
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The common time period where the desirable, or sometimes undesirable, urge to change comes about. The need for dramatic change in life develops every 5-7 years.

This change grows within the human mind, both consciously and subconsciously, and implements necessary action "To Do" something different even though, many times, there is really no need in your current life to do it (ie, Happily Married, A Steady Job, Steady Income, Nice House, etc).

The human mind continually seeks and desires change every 5-7 years in life, for without it, the mind would have nothing to do and no where to grow.
"7 Year Itch"
Life Changing Points Occur Every 7 Years Beginning At Age 5 In Life:
5-11: Kindergarten and your younger school life starts.
12-18: Jr. High & high school years.
19-25: College years or after HS years, first adult years, party years for many.
26-32: Marriage, settling down, big moving time period, buy your first house, starting having kids, etc.
33-39: Divorce, separation, more moving, new job, realization that you are getting older, first real mental or physical problems in life.
40-46: Development of a new career, new marriage, more moving, new path in life, first experience with many closely related deaths in the family.
47-53: Settling down, preparing for retirement, traveling, grandchildren, realization of how short life is for everyone.
54-60: Retirement, if you're lucky, slowing down and settling down, continually dealing with less and less of others who you were close to in life actually being around.
61-67: Living life to the fullest and trying to be happy and thankful everyday that you wake up. But for many, just counting the days to death.
68-74: Have your life insurance plan set and ready for your family, pick your coffin, burial site and more. Pray.
75+: Pray some more, smile, be happy...smoke a bowl...and be thankful for what life has given you Everday, Day In & Day Out!!
by Rkballer June 29, 2010
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