If you were born on may 6th your the coolest person ever. Your amazing, stunning and your figure is insane. All the boys drop on to they’re knees as soon as your in sight and all the girl’s are desperate to be besties with you. Your loved.
Boy1 : woah she’s gorgeous

Boy2 : I know, she must have been born on may 6th
by Girl1235789284 November 5, 2019
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May 6th is finally hook up with that dude who you’ve been joking about hooking up with
Hey it’s May 6th, fuck it, let’s hook up
by Oopsguessimmabitch April 30, 2021
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National show your crush how much they mean it you, like right them a cute note, hug them, give them a kiss, ask them out, ask for there hoodie, hug from behind, or hold there hand.
“Go shoot your shoot I know you like them, you have to it’s may 6th!”
by Simp._.NATION May 5, 2021
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a real bad bitch holiday. anyone that was born on this holiday is a bad bitch
she is a bad bitch... she has to be born on may 6th
by datboijk December 11, 2019
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National hug day! Hug anyone and they can't do anything about it but stand still or hug you back, you time to shine!
Hey its May 6th, give me a hug!
by Definitely true May 5, 2021
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people born on the 6th of May are paragraph princesses. and we don’t like them because they are massive simps. and VERY annoying (a lot of the time called aaron)
my g- ugh he’s such a paragraph princess
me- i bet he was born on the 6th of May
by totallynotcarrie April 21, 2020
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