The area code for Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Representin' the 514
by Sebasti3n October 29, 2005
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What us Asians be saying when we want to die.
Sounds like ”我要死” in Chinese, which means I want to die.
“I gotta do my math homework now, or I’ll never get into Ivy League. 514, adiós chicas

“My mom called me a disgrace to the family. 514”

by Wo Yao Si October 13, 2018
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When you see the numbers “514” momo514 from montreal is trying to reach out to you.
Srab: ugh what time is it?
Theo: 5:14
Srab: omfg i keep seeing 514 !!
Theo: 😯 Momo514 is trying to reach out to you!!
by Meliswag August 1, 2021
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Thursday 7:46 pm May 14th 2020-

Breakup day after 39 hours and 3 minutes
Bruh 514 is the scariest day I swear
by Cursed date June 14, 2021
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An address of a home in Grand Forks, ND. The Gentlemen who live there lure women into the house with promises of commitment, love, and emotional support before fucking them, like pigs, and showing them to the nearest exit. The house is also referred as the "revolving door" because there's always a woman entering or exiting.
Joe: Hey man, gonna give bonnie the ol' 514 Princeton Special tonight?
Jack: Nahhhh dude. I actually kind of like this one.
Joe: I think y
by TESTICLETWISTER October 11, 2015
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