BPT Black people time - cultural ghetto lingo for 45mins till you get you get your drugs

Using this phrase multiple times until the desired affect achieved
Frank: I'm here
Stone: 5 mins
Fred: ok see ya soon

Fred: where you at?
Stone: bout to pull up
Fred: i've been sitting here for a minute should I go around the block?
Stone: nah, I'm at the light
Fred: cool

-Drug deal takes place within 20 seconds-

Fred: thanks bro, good looking
Stone: hit me up, I got u, got dat fire
by Joyfulgrl23 March 21, 2017
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five minute holidays.
this is when you jump into your car and drive to your favourite destination in lightspeed. knowing time will end too soon until you are called back into service. hopefully one day it will be the other way round when my favourite getaway will be my physical home ♡
"mama, can you play restaurant with me in the bath tub?"
"Honey, i'm on 5 min hols. catch you later"
by Krkič January 1, 2021
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Dumb way to say "booty call" or "hit it then quit it"
"Hey girl, all I want to do is give you a quick 5 min drive-by"
"WTF? No"
by Ginjabrd October 3, 2022
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