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an engine built by mitsubishi during the DSM partnership between mitsu and chrysler. the 4g63 came in 2 variations, a turbocharged 195hp 1g or 215 2g engine for the upper DSM models, and a n/a 135hp engine for the 1g DSM's.

it had 3 major designs:

89-92 had the strongest bottom end with the big rods capable of handling 400hp stock, even with high mileage.

92.5-94 had a 1g 7 bolt engine. not as strong as the 6 bolt, but still a stout engine.

95+ (2g) this engine is garbage IMO. 35% of these have been reported to crankwalk. they have thinner rods than the 1g 6 bolts, and the head and turbo are designed for mid range power, sacrificing top end power. it may put out 20 more horses stock over the 1g engine, but the 1g 14b can hold 300hp without running out of breath, unlike the measly 2g T25 that cant hold anything over 250hp.

many people swap their 2g's for 1g 6 bolt engines to eliminate the worry of crankwalk.
honda guy: yo man i got a ex with vtec.
DSMer: i just got a shitty 4g63T.
honda guy: ill smoke you.
DSMer: i hope my tranny holds up.

*DSM launches and hits 120 mph before honda boy gets out of 2nd gear*

honda guy: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! i want one of those!
by some ricer June 25, 2006
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Mitsubishi's iron block high reving easily modified 2.0L turbo charged monster motor. An absolute V8 killer. Used in several different models over 20 years.
HSV Guy - "My choice 6L monster will smoke your ricer crap, bro."
4G63t Guy - "Mmmmhmmmm."

*LS7 V8 runs a 12.81s*
*4G63t runs a 11.98s*
by Phantom Spaceman February 15, 2009
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A specific kind of Viagra that gives you a lift better than anything else.
A: Can you give me a lift?
B: I'm tired.
A: No. I mean your 4G63T.
by Hush_hush May 11, 2011
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