The guardians of all things holy and unholy. The creators of the biggest lies and the most sacred of truths. The keepers of the secrets of the internet. At time they have been known to exhibit the greatest cruelty, at others times, mercy.

Their temple is is the website 4chan. It operates much like a county, with various boards acting as states. Sometimes they are at war, sometimes at peace. When necessary, however, they unite to form a nearly unbeatable and unconquerable army- the anonymous army. Their ranks are comprised of people from all walks of life. Hackers, programmers, porn enthusiasts, poets, artists and every other type of person you imagine comprise the army. It is written in a prophecy, created on the first version of notepad, locked deep away on a flash drive in Lawrence G. Roberts desk, that when the very existence of the internet is threatened, the anonymous army will come forth to deliver salvation.
Jesus and Satan are to humanity as 4channers are to the internet
by ----**ANONYMOUS**----- September 05, 2009
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A term used to describe people who use 4chan. It is almost exclusively used by normies who have never been there in their life.
Normie 1: Who are these '4channer' people?
Normie 2: I think they're those people who hacked the election and made Trump win.
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A term to describe users of 4chan. Used exclusively by normies who have never been on 4chan before.
Normie 1: Who are these '4channer' people?
Normie 2: They're those guys that hacked the polls to make Trump win.
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