What separates this from any other shock media you've seen is that 3guys1hammer is both unquestionably immoral and completely, utterly, real. The women from 2girls1cup might have actually eaten eachother's shit, but they were both entirely consensual and willing to do it. The self-castration in the Pain Olympics was both self-inflicted and fake at that.

In 3guys1hammer, what is shown is an actual murder by actual serial killers. Assuming you're just a suburban kid like myself who has the ability to waste time reading definitions on Urbandictionary, I heavily recommend you don't watch it lest you be scarred for life.
by An Audience July 02, 2013
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The unofficial name of the sickest video on the internet. It will scar you for life. It starts out with a guy bludgeoning the victim's face with a yellow pipe, the camera closes in on what used to be a face but is now unrecognizable, it's just a puddle of blood now. The guy goes on to drive a screwdriver repeatedly into the victim's stomach, then up to the eyes and through his nose. All of this happens while the victim is still alive, only able to make gurgling noises and move his arms slightly. The guy then steps on victims stomach and after playing with him they decide it's time to kill him so they serve a few death blows with a hammer. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO
Guy1:Dude, did you hear about Kyle? He watched 3guys1hammer, and I heard afterward he dowsed himself in kerosene and lit himself on fire! Guy2: Man I'm never seeing that one.
by The Joker's Wild March 02, 2009
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a guy getting murdered. never watch this. you will be scarred for life. please i'm saving you from a shitload of feelings you don't ever want to experience. you'll cry, throw up, and just have a terrible experience. you'll hate your life for the next week or so. just please dont watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy gets stabbed in the stomach with a screwdriver
Then they rip open his stomach
Then they take a hammer and Smash open his head.
"Mom will you lay with me tonight?"


"Because I saw 3guys1hammer and I can't fucking sleep because I keep getting nightmares that I'm the guy getting murdered"
by PANTHERS MAN 50 March 22, 2010
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Suspicious GF: give me your phone password or else I'll let you watch 3guys1hammer.

Guy: Here, have the password
by Ed_adom🦁 June 07, 2016
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