When someone does a 360 and cums in a girls mouth, then how much percentage of cum in the mouth he gets points which can be converted to money
Damn dude hit that hoe with a 360 no scope, I got 100 points. She better pay up SMH
by Ya mom is gay November 27, 2019
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A kill with a sniper rifle performed without scoping in after doing a 360-degree turn, often but not always while jumping down from a height.
I totally owned that noob with a 360 noscope.
by Delbosco October 10, 2021
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To rotate the male body inside of a female in the doggystyle position full 360 while thrustin inside....pelican shuffle.... Then you take yo penis and slap the clit like a razor
Ima hit this chick wit the 360 pelican shuffle on a razor edge
by savage910 March 22, 2014
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You equip a shotgun spin around 360 degrees fire the shotgun and manage to get someone
guy one (playing call of duty anf got shot) FCK who 360 quickshot me FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
guy two HA HA you FCKING CUNT
by newberman March 23, 2015
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The act of logging on to the xbox website and checking who's online to determine whether or not you should log on "offline" to avoid chat and game invites from annoying people.

Alternatively can be used to find out who's online that you overly enjoy the company of. In which case you become the 360 screened.
Matt: Hey get online, i wanna play modern warfare 2!

Joe: Hang on, lemme 360 screen to make sure that one guy that always wants to private chat me isn't on.


Genericgamertag190: I hope Joe isn't 360 screening. I haven't talked to him in forever.
by Docwaffles June 30, 2010
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the classic ground and pound, one female lays horizontally lays down on the bed whilst doing this the man inserts the tip and spins himself round. as the penis gets deeper the women should squirt all over your elbows.
Tom moulton 360 screwdrivered his mum last night!
by AlabamaHotpocketter March 13, 2019
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In Minecraft BedWars you are on a perch or tower, and you 360 then drop down and knock the guy off the edge.
I Hit Him with the 360 Squaw
by DankestWaffler January 01, 2021
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