A Call Of Duty term that involves snipers and turning. It's basically a trick shot and mom has to get the camera.
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by Niuggerrt May 21, 2019
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A term or phrase loosely associated with MLG topics. Commonly shouted by 8 to 12 year olds who are spoiled or watch too much competitive COD/or CS:GO.
12 yr. old: Get 360-Noscoped u cunt!

Normal Player: I had to stay put in order for you to actually hit me. And on top of that, it took you 69 repeated tries. So...... :3
by Roland McDoland May 05, 2016
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To spin around and then after completing a full rotation inserting yourself into you partner and ejaculating in the space of 3 or less seconds
Honey, we should 360 no-scope today because i feel frisky
by MagicMrR February 28, 2015
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Usually done in FPS but taking it to real life is better. EX: playing a sport like volleyball. Toss the ball up, do a 360 while your eyes are closed, and try to hit it.

Do this to any sport from 360 throwing, to 360 kicking.

People love you for it.
DJ not nice: Yo! you see that awesome 360 no-scope serve?

Kim Jung II: Yea bro that was sick as hell!!!
by BicAZNBoi January 18, 2011
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The act of turning 360Β° Circle and then killing someone with a gun
In Call of Duty,I 360 noscoped this guy and he raged!
by UrbanIvanZ June 14, 2018
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When you’re about to fuck a girl from behind and you close your eyes before performing a cartwheel and sticking your dick in while you stick the landing.
Yeah man, she asked me to 360 no scope her last night and I totally missed. It was so embarrassing.
by Hollowr April 28, 2020
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When u hittin her from behind then pull out and hit your sis in the eye with your load.
Shaun; "Dude last night Devin 360 no scoped Becky when she walked in and now she's in the hospital."
Bob; "Holy shit!"
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by 666 6969 October 05, 2019
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