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3-three years prison
6-six feet under, as in dead
9-nine months pregnant
all of my friends are either 3 6 9
by grillzluva June 08, 2006
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Slang for threesome, specifically when two girls are in a 69 position and the one on top is taking from behind by the man.
You I had those bitches in a 369 last night and the I skeets all over both of em.
by Joey I April 26, 2006
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the act of getting the weed hook up to sell you a dime for 9 dollars , which you split three ways with 2 of your boys. you all throw 3 dollars on the blunt
yeah man i broke as fuck but lets see if george wants to 3-6-9 a blunt real quick
by charlie February 28, 2004
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1. a 3 way - sometimes one guy on two girls or two guys on one girl *ouch*

2. beachy bitch word (Get Low)
by kjfdhgljshdgkl August 13, 2007
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