Bad bitches birthdays.
“Hey it’s the 29th May. Isabelle’s birthday, what a bad bitch
by jessica@frente October 26, 2020
National licking your homies testicle sack day!
Steve: Bro, its the 29th may!
Quantavion jr: Ok?
Steve: Its National licking your homies testicle sack day!
Quantavion jr: NAH FR?!
Steve: Now let me get on my knees and give em a good lick, no homo
Quantavion jr: Bet, no homo
by carmen winstead April 19, 2022
National buy ur girlfriend floweres day
Oh shit it’s 29th may I gotta get my girlfriend flowers
by Ricgugl666 May 29, 2021
One of the Most prettiest people out there and the most funniest and loyal, if he or she is born on that day keep them forever
I’m keepin u forever since ur born on May 29th
by Unknown 1726271818 January 26, 2020
Come see you Bf Day
May 29th
by Lzzzs May 28, 2021
May 29 is National Peppa Pig day. This means that you have to snort all day and just be like Peppa. Have the Peppa vibes in your veins all day!
Person one: *randomly snorts*
Person two: “Ummm”
Person one: “don’t worry it’s May 29th

Person two: “OHHH, *snort*”
by Peppapigs2fan November 3, 2019
The day the satan returned as a human to take the world over.
The antichrist will return to us May 29th
by Pope og satan October 18, 2019