the smartest and cutest girls.
if you were born on 28 january you are cute, smart, funny...almost perfect
when were you born?
28 january
i’m jealous
by not ur businesses January 22, 2021
This is the day where legends are born, as an aquarius you are ambitious and smart. You are generous and kind, maybe slightly stubborn that's okay :)
January 28 is when the best peoples are born
by why are all the names taken- November 10, 2020
National crying day. On January 28 you have the free pass to cry all you want without anyone telling you, you can’t.
January 28, cry all you want!!!!!
by NRGoertz January 28, 2020
A j.cole song establishing the superiority of people born that day.
“Check your birthdateJanuary 28” — j.cole
by lunercomine January 14, 2018
You: hey man whens ur bday
Me: january 28, why?
You: yeah nah not surprised lmao
by The quanman October 24, 2019
Kick anyone named Ralph in the dick day! Have fun
“Hey Ralph it’s January 28 do you know what that means”. “ it’s national kick a Ralph in the dick day watch out bro”
by Mirvetalsahhaf January 28, 2020
People born on this day have the energy of a crackhead
Person 1: Why is she acting like this
Person 2: She was born on January 28
by ahhhhhh66579 October 23, 2019