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One of the illest rappers in the game, he will probably blow up within the next year or so. From Fayetteville, North Carolina, he is known for his storytelling flow, and brings dope Southern flavor with intellectual poetry. To REAL hip-hop fans, J.Cole is the best thing from Jay-Z since "Reasonable Doubt", as he immediately signed J.Cole to RocNation after hearing 'Lights Please'.

He will be put on the map with his single "Who Dat" and numerous guest appearances on tracks from artists such as Wale, Talib Kweli, and Jay Z.
J.Cole rocked the mic in Chii City this summer.

"The fast lane make me reminisce on slower life, The unibomber bitch Im blowin up over night." - J.Cole
by JColeNTamara August 08, 2010
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J. Cole is a fucking legend of rap who has achieved 3 platinum albums, a collaboration with Missy Elliot & Janet Jackson, Sold Madison Square Garden and his most recent album, 2014 Forrest Hills Drive, achieved the feat of being the being the first rap album to go plantinum with no featured artists in 25 years.
J. Cole is a legend
by Iwannaseeyourpeacockcockcock February 13, 2016
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The best rapper in the game after Kanye West. He hails from the South but definitely has a more Eastern flow. In other word he is one of the best lyricists in the game and is know for his well thought out content.
J. Cole is better than your favorite rapper.

J. Cole is the reason Drake is slowly transitioning into RnB
by A. Howard September 19, 2010
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The best damn rapper of our time! He makes Kendrick Lamar look basic af compared to him.
Bob: Damn, J. Cole is a much better rapper than Kendrick Lamar, it's not even funny.
Bill: Kendrick Lam-who?
Bob: Kendrick Lamar. You know, To Pimp a Butterfly?
Bill: To pimp a butterfly? What the hell is that! It sounds like trash anyway!
Bob: Yeah it is trash, Kendrick is trash.
Bill: His name is Kendrick Lamar?
Bob: Yes, but it doesn't matter anyway because he's trash compared to J. Cole!
by Icy Wyte December 26, 2017
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