My partners bday
its 27 may i love them
by imgayuwu December 11, 2021
If your born on this you’re known as the very popular kid but at the same time your not but you tend to talk to a lot of people and make a lot of peoples days also. If you dating someone that’s born on this day you should really keep them because they would always be there even if it hurts themselves
I’m born on May 27 Yeahh I know I’m really good at everything but shy to talk to people
by Alex miles October 16, 2019
A day when miracles are born. If your born on this day you’re a legend!
May 27 is my birthday
by Imapotatoooooo October 28, 2019
National go for it. Do what you are yearning to do if it’s asking a girl out or just coming out to someone
Guy- hey it’s May 27 and I just wanted to say I like you and we should start talking

Girl- omg sure
by dr._dank_noodles May 27, 2019
A person that is born on this day is the most cutest and hottest sweetheart. He may be shy at first, but when you get to know him, true colours really shine through and you can’t help but to love him endlessly:) He is the best person to have in your life (chefs kiss), because no matter what, he will always brighten it up with his amazing bomby personality!
Only the most special person is born on May 27, and I’m the luckiest to know him!:)
by urlocalalien;) August 1, 2021
A day when it can be someone’s birthday that sometimes lands on Memorial Day...Also the day before finals
Oh shit it’s May 27 finals are tomorrow but I’m celebrating my birthday
by BOOTY_BOUNCE October 24, 2018