Connor: Hey Nathan guess what?
Nathan: What's up?
Connor: Its the 25 of october, you know what that means
Nathan: What does that mean?
Connor: It's national Skrimp day
by The Conndor October 25, 2019
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This day you can kiss anyone you want and if they get mad they're double gay
Me:Can I kiss you?
Me: It's 25 october
She: Alright then
by Surely-not-me October 24, 2019
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This is the international roblox day. If you know someone that plays roblox, go give them a hug or a kiss and tell them how stupid they are
What date is the roblox day? Oh Its the 25. October
by CoxoChazel October 14, 2019
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25 October is a date where you should check on your friends. They may be wearing a mask only they know what they are hiding, whether they are smiling or not. Always ask them how are they or pick a simple conversation to make them feel needed. You may save a life today, so please check on your friends.
Check on your friends on 25 October, or else it is too late.
by elrrae October 17, 2020
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An unofficial celebration throughout the UK dedicated to sex.
Person 1: me and my gf haven’t had sex in a while.
Person 2: That will all change on the 25 October.
by Itschloe September 15, 2018
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Hug Kevin
Every Kevin you know or see... Just hug him:)
Mike:Hi Kevin Whats up?
Kevin:Nothing how about you?
Mike: «gives Kevin a hug»
Kevin:what was that?
Its 25 october:)
by HugThatPerson3 October 22, 2019
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Helping yourself get futher in life day
Person 1: ahh men today im going to be productive!

Person 2: why my man?
Person 1: Well it's 25 of october!!!
by Ching Chong Master October 25, 2019
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