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An adjective describing the phenomenon when a stereotypically gay person is attracted to another stereotypically gay person. (Countering the societal stereotype that butch lesbians are attracted to feminine lesbians and feminine gay men are attracted to masculine gay men.)

Term originates because the person is gay in terms of what sex they are attracted to, but doubly gay because they are attracted to someone of the "same sex" in terms of personality.
That butch womyn is double gay; she likes other masculine girls.

That flamboyantly feminine guy is double gay; he loves other feminine gay guys.
by Homophilics (H&I) March 22, 2005
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a person who is homosexual and is attracted to other homosexuals who play the same role in the relationship.
Two gay men who date and are both feminine.

"Yo check that out those two dudes are kissing but they're both mad feminine so which one is the chick?--ohhh they're double gay I get it..."
by dontworryaboutit5100 September 21, 2011
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An insult not literally calling a person a homosexual but instead calling them lame or uncool.
Mang, that person be double gay. He like dem pokaymon cards.
by Chen Wang February 10, 2009
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Double gay means straight or heterosexual. It follows simple mathematics, where an odd number of minuses (which symbolize homosexuality) in front of a number makes a negative (in this case homosexual) number and an even number makes a positive (in this case heterosexual) number.
Jack: Oh man I love women and definitely not men.
Will: You are double gay!
Jack: Thanks, you too!
by SmalltwnBoi May 13, 2018
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n. The state of being wherein a man remains heterosexual, but totally just wants to bone girls in the pooper.
i.e. I think I'm Double Gay! All I want to do is engage in anal sex with women, completely disregarding traditional vaginal penetration!
by dr_thunderfuck April 15, 2010
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A man that wears 'Hiking' style Sandals with or without socks but normally wears white socks, but also has a spare second pair. Also thinks Apple based products are amazing and would go to an Apple shop with an iPad and a candle application to pay homage just because Steve Jobs, also love cock in bum and mouth at the same time.
Straight Man: Hay James what you wearing on your feet?

Double Gay: Just some hiking style sandals with white socks

Straight Man: That’s double gay

Double Gay: yeah I know I am a double gay looking for all the fun I can get

Straight Man: oh ok, what you doing tonight?

Double Gay: just going to hang with my gay friends Bill and Steve maybe have some double fun!
by Mr Zebedeee November 15, 2011
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Basically means straight. The two gays cancel each other out. If you actually tried to use it, thinking it means gay, you goofed up
Guy 1: I like playing volleyball
Guy 2: Lol that's a girl sport you double gay
Guy 1: Why yes, I am straight
Guy 2: FUCK!
by Anonymous, I guess June 05, 2018
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