Term Used by Straight Edge Kids to describe their crew or gang. X is the 24th letter in the alphabet and thus 24 is used to in place of X.
Oh shit did you see that kid get jacked in the pit by the 24 kids.
by az SxE October 17, 2007
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The only good network television show outside of The Simpsons and Survivor.
I got the Season 2 DVD box set of 24 yeaterday.
by Capheine December 10, 2003
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meaning to add 4 oz. of syrup to 20 oz. of soda pop making it 24oz
"drop a 4 in a 20oz call it 24"
by ebro365 July 23, 2008
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this show is CRAZY. you can trust no one.
my name is jack bauer...
i'm having the worst day of my life.

that beeping noise is REALLY intimidating, by the way.
"hey, dad. how are you today?"

*dad picks up cell phone.*

"step one complete, i killed her. what next, boss?"

24 is all about traitors :)
by lost is better March 19, 2009
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Great show. Was originally supposed to star Chuck Norris, but the producers realized the show would only last seventeen minutes because Chuck would have killed every bad guy and slept with their wives before the end of the first episode.
none needed needed needed none needed 24
by Josh Bo Bosh February 12, 2006
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The Number of the one of the greats R.I.P KOBE :C
by Maxl47 April 26, 2021
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A number numerically following 23 and preceding 25. It is formed by adding the word twenty (20) to the number four (4), separated by a hyphen.

Any number which is the result of a numerical expression or equation whose value is equal to the number 1 less than 25 or 1 more than 23.

The title of a show which is the embodiement of true awesomeness, especially in its first season. It follows the action/awesome-packed adventures and deeds of Jack Bauer, a man who works/worked for CTU, a counter-terrorist organization of the United States. Each season promptly ends with Bauer whipping the bad guys' asses in some fashion in a manner strikingly similar to Chuck Norris's morning stretches.

A number which is a misarrangement of the numbers 2 and 4. The correct order is 4, then 2 (42), which happens to be the answer to life, the universite, and everything. This perfect number and its highest meaning was brought about by the calculations of the Deep Thinker.

Another name for Patrick Star of the ever-popular television show Spongebob Squarepants
(1) Numerical Format
"You just had your birthday party a couple days ago, right?"
"Yeah, I'm 24 years old now!"

(2) Solution to an Expression or Equation
"What's the answer to this problem?"
"It's 24, you dumbshit."

(3) The Show
"Hey, did you watch 24 last night?"
"Dude... I shat bricks when that bomb went off."

(4) Misarrangement of 2 and 4
No example necessary

(5) Patrick Star
"Come on now. We just want to know your name."
"Uhh... Uhh.... Uhhh...! Twenty-four!"
by C_Rev February 09, 2009
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