queens and kings are born in this date. people should give you crowns and lots of gifts
ex:oh look, it's 21 September a queen/king born today, i am going to buy something special!
by _daniellee_ January 21, 2021
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Do you remember..?

If you're born on this date you are an absolute legend

Person 1: Do you remember, the 21st night of September?
Person 2: Uh, today is 21 September...
Person 1: BA-DEE-YA
by monke cactus March 10, 2021
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21 of September is national quote day. So quote your favourite sentences.
Person: It's 21 September, you know what that is?
Other Person: No? what is it today?
Person: It's national quote day
by Exempoel July 16, 2022
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a birthday that’s one of a kind. it’s beautiful and only sweet loving and caring people have. it’s the best day of september.
didn’t you know her birthday is on september 21
by mansandgrabband June 22, 2019
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If your birthday is on this day, your usually nice and thicc. You put yourself first and your almost super pretty. You also always complain about not having a boyfriend, but push boys away when they like you.
“Oh your birthday is on September 21? No wonder your so nice and thicc
by Heywassuu October 24, 2019
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the days all the baddest bitches were born , crack head energy.
shes so fun! must be born on september 21
by abdulqader al muslim October 26, 2019
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Ahh eee aaaa say that you remember
Ahh eee aaaa dancing in september 21
by richards_diddly_donk October 29, 2019
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