2 girls 1 cup is a disgusting video, but also is an internet phenomenon which is to trick your friends into watching it. Videos of reactions to watching 2 girls 1 cup are famous online.
case n#1:
"-hey, have u seen this video called 2girls1cup ? you should check it out, its hilarious
-ok, ill google it tonite"

case #2:
"-you motherfucker! that link you sent me was the nastiest shit ive ever seen
-oh, 2 girls 1 cup ? lol"
by kenny jahan November 07, 2007
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The video which changed many guys' long held belief that any video with nude lesbians in it HAD to be sexy.But that was before faeces was the playdough of lesbians..
Watch 2 girls 1 cup if you ever swallow poison accidently, you'll vomit it out.

2 girls 1 cup adds fuel to the fire of anti-lesbianism.
by krzn August 19, 2008
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One of the funniest and most disgusting videos on the internet. The legacy of this video has grown rather rapidly. The video involves 1 woman defecating into a cup while her and another woman proceed to lick and eat the feces. Later they go ahead and throw up into each other's mouths.
There are countless videos, mainly on youtube, that show reactions of people that are watching the video for the first time. I have personally tricked people into watching the video and I have to say, it gave me quite a laugh, and I think a couple of them are now scarred for life.
Me: Here man watch this video, it's called 2 girls 1 cup.

*Boy clicks the play button*

Boy: This is gonna be bad isn't it?

Boy: ...

Boy: What the... why is she shitting in a...

*Hilarity ensues*
by Mattias of Wellendia December 02, 2007
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2 girls 1 cup is not a video. It is quite possibly a LIFE altering experience....BEWARE
After I watched 2 girls 1 cup, i could no longer drink from clear plastic cups. My life is ruined.
by BDJ December 07, 2007
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A medically common visual emetic, used to empty the gastrointestinal tract of various foodstuffs. May cause several hours of nausea afterward as a side effect.
Doc: hmmm, the syrup of ipecac failed to work, im going to prescribe a far stronger emetic, please watch 2 girls 1 cup
by Young Reezie December 11, 2009
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The WORST possible movie clip one can EVER see!!
Me: whats wrong?
Wendy:I saw 2 girls 1 cup and my eyeballs just vomited!! AHHHHHHHHHHH
by wenjing March 31, 2008
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pretty damn gross....perhaps they have watched jay and silent bob one too many times, for anyone who has seen jay and silent bob you'll know what im talking about. anyone who hasnt here's a rough quote:
"we're going to find those internet fucks! then we're going to make them eat our shit, then shit out our shit! then we're going to make them eat THEIR shit which is made up of the shit we just made them eat!" -Jay (Jason Mewes)
so perhaps these 2 girls saw the movie and thought:

"hey lets eat our shit, then puke up our shit and then eat our puke that is made up of our shit that we just ate!"

and bam, the tragedy that is 2 girls 1 cup....thanks jay and silent bob!
by teefee April 03, 2008
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