3 definitions by fatassbuddabelly

basicly anything that gives u a sugar high, makes u hyper or wakes u up
hyperjenix, we like hyper jenix, hyperjenix, we think your the best
by fatassbuddabelly July 18, 2006
1)a small person
2)a shitty insult
3)something martha stuart sells on wierd infomercials at 3 oclock in the morning

1)kid:dad,is that a midget?
dad:no, son. thats a micro-midget.
2)dude1:cum fucker
3)Wow, check out my new micro-midget! Martha Stewart was the spokeswoman in the infomercial promoting the growth and sale of micro-midgets!
by fatassbuddabelly July 18, 2006
the 2 inches added to the end of a ruler when a man measures his penis.
mines 9 inches, with the costamary 2 inch rule.
by fatassbuddabelly August 20, 2006