Girl that considers herself a virgin because she only fucks up the butt. Usualy snotty and will fuck anything that walks.
16 year old girl: Im still a virgin because I only take it up the butt
by Maitland FL December 30, 2009
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Fan of a boy band. Goes crazy if they are mentioned.
B: What are you, a 16 year old girl?
by LogicPerson February 25, 2014
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Annoying, attention-seeking, dramatic, problematic, and crazy horny. Loves social media and can't live without her phone. Many of them are either fangirls, sluts, or depressed teenage girls reliving age 14 but on a more advanced level. Less bad than age 14 though, usually more mature and gets in less fights with parents though problems like these do still exist during age 16. Age 16 in girls is worse but more eventful than in boys. Boys usually don't change a lot in personality and interests between age 16 and 18, probably just the looks.
If you want to know how a 16 year old girl acts, enter a high school. Not all of them are the same but the majority of them are pretty difficult. If you're a parent of one, this difficulty increases even more. Usually starts to want independence, so don't expect that she would listen to you even if she doesn't deny what you're saying to not start a fight. The rebellious nature of teenagers still exists in girls of age 16 though it gets less intense compared to age 14. Most 16 year old girls who take drugs, drove carelessly after getting a driving license, or ended up pregnant after sleeping around are girls that were actually told by their parents to not do such things. However, you can still do your job as a parent and advise her though you won't be able to force her. Girls of this age are mature enough to actually know the consequences of their actions but young enough to only want to live life for the moment, not thinking or caring about or keeping the long-term consequences of their actions in mind. If you don't guide them as a parent during this age, they will grow up to have a lot of regrets.

In 2016, this was the popular girl who's addicted to starbucks, almost always uses the dog filter on Snapchat, addicted to instagram and, has white or pink nails, and obsessed with the blue skinny jeans or black leggings and black crop top combo. The definition of a classic 16 year old girl is very different from that now.
by somebody fr May 1, 2022
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freshest age for a girl out there. she might still have acne like most teenagers but she still just recently bloomed into her adult body, and especially nowadays, is probably just as attractive and fresh as an 18 year old girl. can only admire her from afar though, in order to not catch a case.
-why tf do 16 year old girls nowadays have to look 21 man
-yeah I know bro, it's a hard time. waiting for 2 years is surely better than getting a beating from a high school girl's family and going to jail, though.

by vinnie357325 May 1, 2022
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A cunt that ruins everyones lives
Has blue short hair
has a iq of 3
by CumSlayer February 23, 2022
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