You are the best and smartest person alive.
You are probably very successful and very happy.
If you are born on 15 August you are best person.
by Vihappyto January 11, 2021
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August 15 is the best day.Who was born at this year you’re funny, crazy ,skinny, tall and sexy.
Guy: Her birthday is in August 15? No wonder she’s sexy!!
by Reema_123 November 4, 2019
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Your stupid crackhead friend was born in this day so go hug em
You: hey it’s my birthday

Friend: August 15th?
You: ya and I’m a crackhead ay
Friend: *hugs you*
by XThedooristhereX November 2, 2019
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National Expose Your friends day. Post yo friends badass secrets and shit on snap and insta.
Friend: “Why did you tell everyone i slept with John?!”
You: It’s August 15th
Friend: “What’s August 15th?!?!”
You: National Expose Your Friend Day dumbass👹
by bigttbich August 16, 2019
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the kind sexy ass girl born on this day is known as the coolest bitch. They are crackheads and bring the fun to the group. THEY ALSO HAVE SEXY COLLARBONES so beware they can come out anytime and attack you out of nowhere
when’s her birthday? Oh it’s august 15
by lattae151 January 26, 2021
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when baddies are born . Bahaha I’m playing , we crackheads need to uNite
oMg it’s august 15
whAts August 15?
bAddie cRackHeads need to Unite
by bAddie😗😗 November 14, 2019
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This Is the day in which girls/boys get to grab eachother ass don’t let the teachers catch you now
by Lanaeee August 14, 2019
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