n. A 15-minute cartoon on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, which features a visual style much like the drawings of a six-year old, some of the most random, surreal humor ever, characters that are difficult to describe, and a plotline buried deep within all said strangeness. It is also the most polarizing show in Adult Swim history.
"I did exactly what I wanted to do. All things. A-L-L." -Mouse Fitzgerald, 12 Oz. Mouse
by The Amorphous Blob September 24, 2006
Pretty good show if you see passed the bad animation. Great dialogue. With the characters is great.

Probably one of the new shows on adult swim, which truthfully is not saying alot with the new crop of them. Though still one of the top 5 on Adult swim IMO.

Watch it with a open mind, and pay attention to the talk of the characters, becuase every other episode it just gets funnier.
Heres a funny scene that is repeated every so episode of 12 oz mouse.

Mouse walks into a store to get more drinks, it looks like a store that sells anything.

Keeper- That gonna be the usual mouse?
Mouse- Yep (clearly drunk and swaying)
Keeper- (Looks at the beer with the price tag of 30c above it, he continplates the price for a bit) That'yll be uhh, $300?

Mouse- Tell you what (Drinks it and throws it on the ground and it smashes, he leaves the store)

Keeper- Perfect
by Japple November 11, 2005
A crudely drawn cartoon by the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Matt Maiellaro. There is no feasible plot, but it follows a mouse's life which consists mainly of stealing things, drinking, blowing things up, and attempting to kill his boss.
Most people hate this show because they find the animation - children's drawings with 2-frame walk cycles - to be really cheap. But some forget that Maiellaro makes the entire show himself, and suffice to say he's not as much of an artist as he is a producer. And Adult Swim isn't much into defining new benchmarks of quality in the animation world either. 12 Oz Mouse has an awkward sense of humor and most will not appreciate it.

Shows up on the opening credits as Oz Mo
by rtil July 21, 2005