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What should be taken from one who extremely over exaggerates the details of most things in order to acheive story dominance and self acclaim. Meaning 10 percent of what is presented is the truth, the other 90 percent is usually entertaining and a lie.
Philip said that the store was giving away $10,000 dollars at the end of the night, but I called and they said they were only giving $1000. I guess thats another one of those Philip "10 percent rule" exclamations.
by Dax_Emil February 08, 2007
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A rule for driving and for dating. In terms of driving, you shouldn't go more than 10% above the speed limit. Dating, don't date someone 10% younger than you.
1. The cop didn't pull me over cause I was only doing 55 in a 50.

2. He's 20, she's 18. It works cause of the 10 percent rule.
by Slaynerdsallday May 11, 2012
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Immediately Spending 10% of money acquired from prize winnings, pay checks, sales, etc... towards celebrating in order to attain good luck.
I just got my tax refund for $2,456, According to the 10 percent rule I have to go blow $245.60 on getting wasted and motorboating some bitches. Cause bitches get brunched.
by L-LEEZY April 25, 2012
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