A system of rating a girl on the basis of whether or not you would sleep with her right now. A zero is a no and a one is a yes. A simple binary scale for hot or not.
"Is she a 1 or 0 bro?" "She's totally a hard 1, I would take her home right now"
1 or 0 System means hot or not.
by JDollarSexPanther October 19, 2017
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This is the new age rating system for rating women nearby. A "1" is a girl that is bangable and that's it. This system takes the 1-10 scale and reduces it to a simple yes or no. "0" is the equivalent to a no.

This system only works because it takes all the variables out of the rating system. Yous should not use beer goggles and do not have to justify the reasons for the person is a 1 or a 0.
Dude: "Bro look over there!!! Is that a 1 or 0 on the 1 or 0 scale? (holds up one finger) over there".

Bro: " Dude that is a 0 for me".
Dude: "Why she is hot!"
Bro: "........"
by Red Bearded Wizard September 24, 2019
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1÷0=0. Thats it. What is 1×0? 0 right? 1+0=1. 1-0=1 as well.

Adding and Subtracting: both equal 1

Mutplication: equals 0

So why the fuck is 1÷0 undefined🤣
Me: 1÷0=0

Rick: No

Me: 1÷0=0
by Skyrim550 May 20, 2022
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when a trick is playd on a friend or colleague. if fallen for the result of the trick can b called "1-0" as u r winnin the game u hav introduced ur friend to. this can result in a game due to bordem throughout day or week. this does not need to b used as a game but can b used for comical purposes.

© of lochaber high school 4th yrs
culprits: "no way......" pointing into the open space
victim: "What!!!!"
(laughing) "wayhay....."1-0"....."
victim: "watchout"
(laughing stops) culprits turn round
victim pauses: "1-1"
by Dec_92 January 16, 2008
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osht I divided by 0!
A: I CAN DIVIDE BY 0! LOOK: 1/0!!!
B: OSHT!!!!!!!!
by Froobert July 15, 2006
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in combination, equals out to ten 10
in sexual terms, signifies a male has one penis and one buttock
I have a penis and a buttock
by J Mo February 2, 2003
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A part of a GTA Online tryhard's very limited vocabulary, typically said after getting a single kill (typically with an orbital cannon or jet) and then leaving or hiding in a property.
Loser: 1-0 Lzzz trash forever up
Normal player: Ok?
by noper doodle October 26, 2020
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