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A Tetrapod is a form of wave-dissipating concrete block used to prevent erosion caused by weather and longshore drift, primarily to enforce coastal structures such as seawalls and breakwaters. Tetrapods are made of concrete, and use a tetrahedral shape to dissipate the force of incoming waves by allowing water to flow around rather than against them, and to reduce displacement by interlocking.
I worship the tetrapod
by immymooon June 21, 2022
iti is just literally 1 hour of nothingness then broken by the first 4 notes of megalovania (the sans bossfight song)
1 hour of silence occasionally broken by the first 4 notes of Megalovania
by immymooon June 21, 2022
oaflasi is a wiggleword = oaflasi is a made up word
by immymooon November 23, 2021