Someone who grew up mostly in the 00s, experienced 00s culture and events, born in mid-late nineties - early noughties. An underrated decade with lots of awesome cartoons, video games and music etc. Compare to 90s Kid.
I was born in 1996, I'm a 00s Kid.
by StirfriedBacon November 27, 2014
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Somebody born in the early 2000s who have good knowledge and memory of the 2000s. These people grew up with things like Blockbuster video and would have played flash games during its peak
Sally was born in mid 2001, she is a 2000s kid
by Fwashpwayer December 28, 2021
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00’s Kids/2000’s Kids Are Kids Who Are Born Between 1995-2005. Those Born In 2006 Might Be Eligible, However That Is Pushing It Just A Little.

00’s Kids Would Have Grown Up With OG Pixar Films, Xbox 360, PS2/PS3, MSN, Club Penguin, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon Etc. They Had Tech But Still Played Outside Too.

1995-1999 - Early 00’s Kids.
1999-2003 - Mid 00’s Kids.
2003-2005 - Late 00’s Kids.

2006-2009 - 00’s Babies.
Daniel Was Born In 1996, He Was An Early 00’s Kid. He Remembers Watching Spongebob In It’s Early Days. When He Got Older He Got His First Cell, That Being A Blackberry.

Owen Was Born In 2001, He Was A Mid 00’s Kid. Owen Was A Huge Fan Of Drake & Josh And Was An Absolute Unit When He Came Into Class One Day Having Mastered The Lyrics To Soulja Boy Tell Em’ - Crank That.

Sam Was Born In 2005, He Was A Late 00’s Kid. He Can Remember His Pre-School/Kindergarten Days In 2008/2009 And Grew Up With Late 2000’s Shows That Bridged Over Into The 2010’s, For Example iCarly & Sonny With A Chance. Sam Didn’t Use Any Cell Phones Until The Mid-Late 2010’s.
by IIGODXMEMOIRII May 31, 2020
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00s kids spent most of their childhood in 2000-09 (born approx. 1995-2001). 00s kids were alive when 9/11 happened but most were too young to remember it, and they graduated high school before COVID.

This is the Drake and Josh, High School Musical, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, etc. generation
Alyssa was born in 1998. She's an 00s kid.
by ars1998 June 15, 2022
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