the very sad term directioners use, when none of one direction follows them.
directioner: 0/5 :(
directioner: i feel ya, let's cry together.
by Brittany Horan September 16, 2012
Also spelled zero out of five Kripkes, or 0 out of 5 Kripkes, is slang for Sour Patch Kids Cereal coined by Ted Nivison.
Mom: I'm sorry son, but I couldn't find any 0/5 Kripkes at the store.
Son: That's alright. I've heard they're pretty bad anyway.
Mom: I can probably order them online. I want you to have the best breakfast possible, sweetie!
by JonathanBlack May 9, 2020
Used to describe initiation preference in a sexual situation. A zero is someone who never wants to initiate anything sexual. A five is someone who always wants to initiate. Most people believe they are three's. Typically people on opposite sides of the scale work best together (like a zero and a five, or a two and a four). You can't have two zero's because nothing will happen. And you can't have two fives cause they'll get in each others' ways.
Bro, that girl is such a five on the 0-5 scale! Go tap that!
No way man, I'm waiting for a zero! I hate starting things!
by jzzzzzzzzzz November 3, 2010
Noun form:
The nightmare of all guitarists. The thing you hear the most in guitar stores. The song every amateur plays.

Verb form:
Refers to playing 0 3 5 on a guitar
Guitar noob: Dude! Play 0 3 5
Actual guitarist: bruh
by Matt_Money July 18, 2019
Stupid fucking guitar meme that's in the wrong fucking key of the original song.
Brandon: Hey Jake... hehe... 0-3-5, am i right?
Jake: I'm going to skin you alive.
by MusicNerd69 January 22, 2022
Slang for police officers and/or a warning that police are approaching. Derived from the television show Hawaii 5-0. Also see pig, and piglet.
by Robert December 28, 2002
1. A cop. This term is used when the cop is coming after you. Avoid cops at all costs, they are out to get you for something you did or did not do.

2. A grind done on a skateboard when one truck is on the rail, and the other is raised above.
5 0, 5 0, scatter!

Pack your shit, we're going to Canada. That 5 0 just busted our crack house.

Shit, did you see that 5 0 grind he did down that rail?
by rickky November 9, 2005