An all-purpose suffix added to the end of proper nouns to denote a Goatse-esque modification of said noun.

See "goatse" for further information.
"The beastiality enthusiast forever searched for photos of catse and dogse."
by RX May 5, 2004
Contracted form of "sleepy emoticon," used primarily on internet forums that lack a specific form of the associated smiley. Primarly used to show a
cynical lack of enthusiasm for the corresponding post, and not a statement of fatigue.
-My son just got his first A on a spelling test!

by Dred March 14, 2008
quality bud. Short for sensimellia (sp?) or seedless. NOT low quality stuff as those ignorant of the herb would assume from the similarity to the word cess, as in cesspool. ;)
"Just picked up a quap o ses. Better act fast, that shit wont last." -your guy
by sketchaletch September 2, 2009
Sudden Explosive Shit. When you gotta go, you hit the toilet, and the turds come flying out like an explosion.
Oh man, I just did the hugest SES! I had to seriously ride the bowl until it all came out! Now I got the greatest shit high.
by LonePooper January 20, 2018
the beautiful, mesmerizing, allure of ganga smoke leaking out the mouth!
"Its just the pimps, playas, mac daddies, east point, its all about the ses in your chest, its the joint..."
by austinr June 21, 2007
I hear that company throws away some sensitive information on paper. But if you check out their dumpster and get caught, you might have to social engineer your way out of some trouble!
by Will MacKay September 25, 2005
a gender-neutral pronoun
I don't know who ordered the pizza, but se's in for a surprise.
by miscellaneousname March 26, 2009