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The stars (*) show it is an action.
The "brick'd" means a brick has been thrown at a peron.

*brick'd* means the speaker (on the internet, IM conversations, ect.) has gotten a brick thrown at him. This is not serious, of course- it usually follows something they say that would make them regret saying it, state an embarrassing obviousness, et cetera.

See shot.

In alternative, *bricks*/*brick* can be used in a two-person conversation over the internet/IM to say the speaker is throwing a brick at someone. In over three, *bricks 'name'* can be used to mean the same.
Person 1: What do you think of this horror picture?
Person 2: It looks like your mom. *brick'd*

Ann: I'm going out with Jon!!! Yay!
Hannah: ....EEEEEW.
Ann: *bricks*

Person 1: Where the hell is the bathroom?!
Person 2: Up your ass and to the left.
Person 1's buddy: *bricks Person 2*
by Brickford April 21, 2009
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