The |33t357 spelling of 1337.

1337 actually is an abbreviation for h4x0rs, derived from the term "elite". Since using the numeric keypad is faster than typing the damn word out, 1337 5p33k is the kewlest thing to do, especially for forum n00bs who think they are 1337 but are really 70015. (tools)
I am a |33y h4x0r, and I haev stoeled all yuor M3g4huRtz!!!
by brahm2 September 27, 2003
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Originally take from James Hetfield's guitar on the Metallica black album tour which said "EET FUK" it was then turned into 33T as influenced by 0wn3d to use numbers instead. This term is used similarly to 0wn3d, more so to taunt others when something good happens for you and something bad for them. Similar to the phrase "Eat it!" as well.
"33T!" , "You just got 0wn3d, 33T!"
by Maverick April 5, 2005
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