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zoop has no definite/specific meaning. It can mean anything you want it to mean as long as it is in a positive way. You can use "zoop" as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and all those other parts of speech.
hey how'd u do on that test? i think i zooped it up, it was so easy!!

hey wats up zoop?

thats the zoopest looking shirt i have evr seen.

hey you're looking pretty zoop today.

that guy was crazy, he just zooped everyone up in basketball!!

that teacher gave us so much homework. definitely not zoop.

zoop it to the limit!

ZOOP!!! (used as like a greeting or something you can yell out whenever you feel like it)

by King Arthur & [\/\/] Henry January 25, 2009
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See Brap.
Use When Bigging Someone/Thing up.
Or When You are Excited.
I Jus Got Bare Money!! ZoopZoop!!
Clubbin' Soon Zoop!!
by Frankshizzle July 25, 2006
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(verb) to punch someone's asshole. not to be confused with *fisting* by which you penetrate someone's asshole
I'm gonna zoop you in your asshole!
by jlkamikaze April 21, 2010
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Zoop; The words of the gods.
Zoop is usually used in response to someone stroking their ego.
Zoop is a way of life.
Zoop is a way of expression.
Hey, catch this ball or I eat your ass!

*person 1 throws the ball*
*person 2 catches the ball
via giphy
by LunarToku April 30, 2019
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An Australian icy pole Aka Zooper Dooper, but no one calls it that. It is simply a zoop.
Hey man pass me a fairy floss zoop, it’s fucking hot today.
by Zoopjustice January 25, 2019
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Does not have one single meaning. Zoop can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective as long as it has a positive connotation.
"I just zooped that test!"

"We're going to win today's game right?" "Zoop!"

"Dude you just spilled soda on me, not zoop at all."

Zoop it to the limit!

"Hey what's up?" "Zoop Zoop"
by King Arthur and Henrique January 29, 2009
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1. (noun) Commonly known as Chris Cuzzupe, a god among men, in fact he probably is God himself
2. (noun) The Man
3. (noun) Future Lead Actor for the critically acclaimed Dos Equis Commercial, he will one day become "The Most Interesting Man In The World"
4. (verb) To make something so awesome, it is as cool as Chris Cuzzupe...... ex. I so Chris Cuzzupe'd that song called Blackbird

5. (verb) To get the knife
6. (noun) An actor that portrays Insane asylum Keeper, yes he is THAT cool and THAT guy
That song Maison Des Lunes was so dank thanks to Zoops and two other dashing young men.
by T$ mart April 27, 2010
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