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"fake cancer." Also known as a reason why people have to come home from college. A health condition in which a patient exhibits cancer-like tendencies but clearly doesn't have cancer, and the doctors have no clue what the hell is wrong with you
Becca: "Ugh!!! I hate my fancer! I'm so mad I keep having to come home to Boston from Michigan during my first month out here! I wish the doctors would just figure out what's wrong with me!"

Anne: "But at least we get to watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist together! And hang out at the Y!"
by AKens6791 October 04, 2008
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Fancer. noun.
a person who is literally a "fake dancer" .
One who shouldnt even be allowed near a dance floor.
Jon: Did you hear about Matt? He is such a Fancer.
Gavin: Oh yah, that guy sucks balls.
by Mashumorikubohiro September 06, 2011
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