A metaphor for being pissed off. Meaning one is angry or holding a grudge over something.
"Why are you so mad? You got a chip on your shoulder?"
by 3AGLE 3YE! September 30, 2015
The term means to interact in a provocative way, daring someone to resist you. When you are angry at someone, and instead of speaking about it, you do something to annoy them in hopes that they will argue with you, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder. Proactive Passive Aggression.
You've got a chip on your shoulder.
I cannot stand her she's got a chip on her shoulder.
by Roderick Sterling April 4, 2018
To hold a grudge or grievance that is often brought forward to provoke a dispute
"Well you once said ..........."
"Dude remove the chip on your shoulder ....and shove it up your ass"
by Kristeng April 14, 2018
to be touchy, to be easily provoked (During the 19th century, a person in the united states would challenge others to a fight by placing a wooden chip on his/her shoulder and daring them to knock it off, and if the other person did so, the fight was on.)
Man, You sure do have a chip on your shoulder today.
by The Return of Light Joker August 23, 2008