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its a smiley face thats puffing his cheeks out duh x
hello, im a smiley face puffing his cheeks out :8

by VideoKidd :] May 22, 2008
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emoticon used after something fratty has been said...hence the bowtie.
Some GDI walked up to me at the bar and asked why I had my sunglasses around my neck at one in the morning. I told him because I drink til the fucking sun comes up. :)8
by TotalFratMove January 02, 2011
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An emoticon for a person deep throating a cock of someone else to the point that all that is left is the balls.
Jessie: So, I was all :8) when my cat walked in and totally freaked me out.
Jonathan: I know, I was there. It was amazing.
by AzzaChick August 16, 2010
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