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this is the most passive aggressive shit ever. it's not just a smile, it's not double-chinning. if someone sends you this it's death. it's the black spot. it's skull and bones on a pirate flag. this is the smiling face of the enemy in disguise. the calm before the storm. if your SO hits you with one of these, prepare for the worst. rip my friend, because after this there's no coming back
person 1: hey honey how's it going?
person 2: it's good. did you remember to pick up the dry cleaning?
person 1: oh no, sorry. i forgot.
person 2: it's alright, don't worry about it. :))
person 1: are you sure? i can go back.
person 2: no no, it's okay. they're closed until next month, but it's fine. :))
person 1: honey?
person 2: hurry and get home :))
person 1: honey you're scaring me
person 2: :))
by simonsaysgofuckyourself August 16, 2018
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Showing much laughter. Can be substituted with LOL or Laughing Oud Loud
When the goat inserted its furry penis inside of the badgers ear I almost urinated on myself. :))
by March 12, 2003
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A fat man smilling
karren: u'r ugly
me: That you => :))
Karren: Are you calling me fat?!?!
me: yeahh

Karren: Well that how u look like => :)))
me: that how yo mama look like => :))))

.... :))))))))))))))))))))
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because messenger changes :) to πŸ™‚
That’s awesome news :))
by officialgeo November 24, 2018
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