genuine question

A tone indicator put at the end of an online message that indicates the message is a genuine question. Especially helpful in situations where the question sounds like it could be rhetorical, or in situations where one wants to show that they are not disagreeing with another's opinion, they just want the explanation behind it.
A: I hate going to the store. That place is evil.
B: Then why did I see you there every day last week? /gen

A: I actually really hate it when people say that I'm smart.
B: Oh, why? /gen
by demonkoala October 14, 2020
When putting this at the end of a question, you're being genuine
by rieonano July 3, 2021
The first generation of people. Followed by Gens B, D, The Lost Middle Generations, and Gens X, Y, Z, and Gen C.
Person 1: The queen is sooo old dude!
Person 2: Yeah she must be a Gen A.
by TheMasterOfAllHotDefinitions November 10, 2020
Gen, short for generosity, used in personal ads to thinly veil offers to make/receive payment for sexual acts. Typically these ads are short, confusing, and only those writing them and looking for them are suppose to be able to easily translate them.
Craigslist m4m ad: bottom up for gen 420. (a male offering sexual acts in exchange for marijuana)

Craigslist m4m ad: top gen. (some ads may be as short as this; a gay male "top" offering a negotiable cash payment for someone to come "bottom" for him)
by nihil8me December 11, 2009
1 adj. A genre in fanfiction used to describe a story in which pairings aren't a main focus.
2 n, pl. A story that is gen.

While I usually prefer stories that are pairing-centric, the other day I read a really good gen fic.
by Anesidora August 21, 2007
No gender generalizations.

Used directly before or after a completely generalized--probably off color--statement about a gender role. Similarly used to "no offense"
"No gen-gens, I just wish girls would stop with this pintrest bullshit."

"Steven is a typical guy, only cares about pussy and sports. Oh... no gen-gens though, you're cool"
by museinspades May 21, 2015