just like ":)" or ":D" which expresses happiness.

Often (exclusively) used by Russians. Very often used in games as a way to find out who is russian and kick them before the start of a game to prevent certain lag and ping issues due to the far distance. Originates in Warcraft Reign of Chaos or even Starcraft, where only Latin characters of the keyboard are displayed and Cyrillic/Chinese and other symbols are displayed as empty space ( spacebar ). Russian keyboard layout on the " : " is an cyrillic ASCII therefor not displayed.
Can be use with multple ")" for example ")))))))))" . Trends on and still popular, even though nowadays all languages are integrated in OS and Games. All Russian youngsters using it dont know its origins.
Me: Heyy guyzZz!! ;)))
Dmitry1337: Priv ))
Me: Omg Rus kick plz 350+ ping wtfff??
Dmitry1337 has been kicked!
by Smiley face in Russian. March 24, 2020
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Smiley abbreviation, common in DotA map from Warcraft 3 TFT. Its the shortest form of a full :-) smiley, just showing the mouth. Together with the : after the name of the chatter it is an entire : ) smily, showing happyness. Not used in Text, the entire message just consists of a ). See also (
<after killing a Hero but still in battle>
name: )
by youR.Fate March 17, 2008
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shift + 0
to make the symbol ")", use shift + 0 on your keyboard.
by notarealperson111 December 14, 2020
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guy 1: Yo This Is Lit !
guy 2: Whats Lit ?
guy 1: This Tag ( )
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